Title: Drink a Cup
Author: SheBit
Disclaimer: All names herein are the property of JR Hartley...sorry, no, JRR Tolkien. Easy mistake.
Summary: I drinking song sung by the soldiers of Gondor after the War of the Ring, but quite possibly based on a much older Gondorian or even Numenorean song - these things tend to get recycled, after all. This is a tavern - it's had a few brawls, but now it needs some good old drinking songs.

Drink a cup for the fallen
And a cup for the brave
A cup for those living
And for those in the grave

Drink a cup for the fallen
Of Men and of Elves
Who did all for our safety
And nought for themselves

Drink a cup for Elendil
Mighty and tall
Who faced the great foe
And defeated did fall

Drink a cup for Isildur
Gondor's great king
Who built the White City
But died for a ring.

Drink a cup for Ereinion
Who fought by their side
Born to the ever-life
Yet with us he died

Drink a cup for wise Cirion
Great Steward of old
Drink a cup for his wisdom
And for Eorl the Bold

Drink a cup for our Captain
For Boromir the Brave
Who died far from home
But others did save

Drink a cup for Mithrandir
Who's gone to the West
For years he brought counsel
Now deserving of rest

Drink a cup for old Theoden
Rohan's grim lord
Who lived for his people
And died by the sword

Drink a cup for the maiden
With blood on her face
Who felled the dread Witchking
And cast down his great mace.

Drink a cup for the halfling
Who braved Mordor's plain
To destroy Sauron's weapon
Through terror and pain

Drink a cup for Elessar
Our Captain in war
The heir of Isildur
Our king evermore

Drink a cup for the fallen
And a cup for the brave
A cup for those living
And for those in the grave

Drink a cup and remember
Whatever you do
They fought and they died
For me and for you
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