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Welcome to the Five Armies! This tavern is very old and has passed through many hands. Currently it is owned by a member of the Butterbur family, the famous innkeepers in the North.

The Five Armies is a disreputable place and some folks will never darken our doors. But those who appreciate fine ale and good company will spend some time here, telling tales or singing songs.

The inn has existed since Minas Tirith was Minas Anor, but in other incarnations, it has been around as long as Middle Earth. The tales of this world have sunk into the smoke blackened beams, and time is not a river here, but an onion and the layers can be peeled back if you have the will.

So pull up a chair, quaff our home-brew and listen to the legends.

Pub Rules:
1. Story must occur in Middle Earth as created by J.R.R. Tolkien. The story must either take place in the pub or be told by a character in the pub.

2. Can be any time period and any character, including original characters, as long as they are a member of a race created by the Professor. In addition, because time is flexible here, you can have characters meet who never would in canon. For instance, if you want Húrin to have a friendly pint with Éorl, then please do.

3. No real persons.

4. We don't care what you get up to here, but if it's something that would scare the horses, do it in private. (In other words, post warnings, ratings, use cuts and etc. We don't mind het, slash, incest, threesomes or orgies, just warn us!)

5. Posting guidelines, Please include the following with your posts:
Subject line: it might be usefull to include an indication of the writing class in the subject. For example: '(double)drabble' (100-200 words); 'ficlet' (up to a page, or there abouts); 'fic' (over a page); 'poem' or 'song'.
author's notes and a summary if it's a slightly longer piece.

6. We also welcome poetry, riddles and artwork, provided it complies with the guidelines above.

Any other questions? Ask your friendly barkeeps, seleneheart and shebit. (Tips optional!)
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